Tech-Sales | Product Mgmt | Dev

Curriculum Vitae

Principal Advanced Platform Specialist

Pegasystems | Boston, Massachusetts | (current)

Advisory Board Member

Blue Green Analytics | Boston, Massachusetts | (current)

Sr. Solution Architect

Bullhorn | Boston, Massachusetts

Sr. Director - Solutions Consulting, Product Partnerships

Cogito | Boston, Massachusetts

  • Created and led the Sales Consulting function

  • In partnership with I led the development of an integrated next-best-action solution featured on stage at Dreamforce (the largest software conference in the world)

  • Designed, prioritized, and managed the development of Cogito's demo software and infrastructure

  • Created our self-led training and certification program to enable our Sales and Services Teams on the demo (100% adoption)

  • Led several strategic projects and POCs, working directly with Engineering and the Office of the CTO

  • Outstanding Sales Leadership Award (2019)

Sr. Director - Client Development

Cogito | Boston, Massachusetts

  • Secured 8 new Fortune 100 logos in 18 months

  • Helped guide early commercialization strategy by influencing product direction and go-to-market messaging, and defining/refining our sales plays.

Principal Solutions Consultant

Pegasystems | Sydney, Australia

  • Medallion Club: 2014, 2015

  • Made an immediate impact after a move to Australia by successfully leading technical sales campaigns across both the government, and financial services verticals.

Product Manager

Pegasystems | Boston, Massachusetts

  • Led the design and build of a Healthcare Claims Pricing Engine -- a brand new strategic application for Pega's Healthcare business.

  • Created a product roadmap for Pega's Customer Service application for Healthcare Payers.

Solutions Consulting Team Lead

Pegasystems | Boston, Massachusetts

  • Medallion Club: 2008, 2010

  • Ran a healthcare briefing summit for our European sales consultants after which the need for healthcare resources from the US to fly to Europe was almost eliminated.

Sales Engineer

Pegasystems | Boston, Massachusetts

  • 100% vendor of choice selection at onsite POCs.

  • Led the build of an internal HR application for tracking new Pega applicants.


"Anthony is resourceful and has been asked time and again to craft sales strategies, deal approaches, product capabilities, and cutting edge prototypes and he delivers - not only delivering on the immediate task at hand, but giving consideration to overall organizational success..." - Steve Kraus

"Anthony was the first person we would put on stage to impress. Anthony was detail orientated and made sure every customer interaction was a success. This attention to detail and professional approach gained us many significant sales wins and customer successes." - Greg van Rensburg

"He's a leader on any team, and a key SME to start with when building a team. A true pleasure to work with.” - Chuck Strahlendorff

“Anthony doesn’t micromanage his resources. This not only lets them focus, but also gives them a sense that he trusts them to get the work done.” - Nick Thomas

"If there’s a blocker, he makes sure it is removed so that development can continue in a timely manner...His leadership is invaluable.” - Veronica Payan

"Anthony has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes him stand out from the thousands of Sales Consultants that have passed through my company. “ - Stacy Flores


The Banjo Book

View the live website here - (2022 - present)

As I mentioned in my interests, I am on a slow but steady journey learning the banjo. Part of that journey is obviously learning from the masters and absorbing their wisdom. The two best ways to do that are:

One day I was looking in my copy of Masters of the Five String for a playing tip I remembered and I realized how useful it would be to be able to do the same with the interviews from the podcast. I reached out to Keith, the creator, and we started working together to transcribe his episodes.

State of the Yield Curve

View a demo video and additional details here - (2019)

In mid-2019 there was a lot of discussion about the yield curve as a predictor of recession, but there was no simple way to see whether it was inverted or not (aside from websites geared towards finance experts).

To satisfy my own curiosity about the daily status and historical trends of the yield curve, I created a web application, built with django, which provided a simple visual representation of the daily yield curves with the ability to also drill down into historical trends.

Custom Jekyll GrayScale Theme

View a demo site, source code, and additional details here - (2015)

In 2015 I decided to learn Jekyll, so I used that as an excuse to create the first version of my personal website (the one you're reading now).

To get started, I found a theme that I wanted to use, but it didn’t have everything I needed. I forked that theme and extended it to include several new elements for displaying Vertical and Horizontal content, as well as stylistic changes with regard to background color and text color options.

Hacking Seconds


Watch enthusiasts are heavy forum users and they often share their collections in discussions. At the time I started this project, sharing your collection meant uploading your photos to the forum every time you wanted to share - it was a clunky and difficult process which offered a bad experience for both the poster and the viewer.

I created a django application ( which provided watch enthusiasts a shareable public page for their watch collection and a private view which allowed them to capture all the details of their collection (for posterity and insurance purposes). With HackingSeconds, sharing a watch collection on a forum, facebook, etc was as easy as pasting a link.

Hosted Tutorials


After explaining Facebook to my mom one too many times, I decided to create a chrome extension that allowed me to create and share tutorials for any website.

With this extension, if my mom wanted to know how to post something on Facebook or send an email in Gmail, I could just click on the area of the web-app in question and fill out a simple form. My mom could then navigate to the page she had trouble with, see an available "tutorial" in the browser extension, select it, and see my instructions as popovers with the text or YouTube video I provided right inside facebook, gmail, etc. The extension also supported multi-step tutorials if the explanation required several steps or features.

This was my first web project, so the code is a mess and the back-end is a simple php script since it was just for me - but you can check out the source here.



My wife, Lucia, and I love traveling together. Initially most of our travel was within the Americas and Europe, but when I was offered the chance to work and live in Sydney, Australia, we jumped at the opportunity and our travel zone expanded quite a bit!

We've now moved back to Boston to be closer to family and settle down with our twin boys - but when we do travel, we do our best to keep our travel diary up to date.


Coming from a technical background, I've found it hard to stay away even while my career has brought me further into the business side of things. I often spend my free time building apps (mostly with Django) that fill a gap I see or that I think would be fun to build or use.

A couple of my recent projects are highlighted above in the projects section.


Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. In High School I participated in every ensemble offered (marching band, orchestra, show choir, vocal jazz ensemble, etc), and in college I played with the UMass drumline all four years.

As a drummer, though, city living made practicing pretty much impossible - my neighbors and roommates didn't appreciate my "art" as much as I did. For the last few years I've been slowly but surely learning to play the banjo.